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This is the first Golf Outlet Online Store, where you get FREE of Charge Club fitting !!

As an experienced golf instructor, I know the importance of Club fitting, because fitting is the No. 1 fundamental for providing your best performance.

Golfers are different in size, body shape, height, and there is also a difference in their club head speed.

So, shaft length, grip strength and shaft flex, must be adjusted to fit each individually, for a better play. The knowledge that each club in your bag is set up to perform optimally, inspires confidence and helps you get the best performance and improved scoring!

Believe me, it’s worth it for everyone

"Is the Handicap higher, even more important is the Club fitting for the golfer", -says Bob van Sweden, TaylorMade’s 2009 Club fitter of the Year.
How you can measure yourself shows you this VIDEO <CLICK>.
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As an official Komperdell Golf Dealer I sell only goods "Made in Europe"

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